Malicious applications (malware) can damage your phone slowly. We tell you how to tell if your phone is infected and protect. Ever wondered why you have a phone that when you bought it walked smoothly time after work is boring or weird? Most of the time it unnecessary to install things and saturate memory, but others may be malware.

What is Malware?

This is why applications, maliciously, looking to steal secret information, make your Megs of data plan or bombard advertising, among other matters. The problem is that usually masquerade as good applications such as games and even antivirus. Yes, unlike conventional computer virus malware does not infect or replicate your files, but can bring real headaches.


How to know if malware got into my phone?

It’s not as easy to identify, but there are some classic symptoms, particularly when you notice that your mobile phone works really badly, to wit:

– Notes higher than usual consumption data plan, even if you surf the Internet or using Facebook. In the worst case you get increases to the monthly bill.

– The battery runs out faster . This is because the malware hidden works without you noticing, even though you see any application running.

– Strange Advertising: You appear strange billboard applications not know. This is often called “Adware”.

– Applications that have never downloaded, installed, and possibly, those apps are not listed in Google Play.

– The mobile simply walk very slow , everything you do takes longer than usual.

How to avoid and protect my phone?

IF you suspect that you have a mower, it is best that you download one of the antivirals that we recommend in this note and you check the phone with him. However, if you do not already have these problems it is best to follow the advice of our gallery of photos. They are easy to follow and will save more than a headache.