Adults should face the double challenge of regulating the use of electronic devices with their children and maintain a balance in daily demand for always being connected at all times; the opinion of the specialists with advice to achieve the best habits. Lets talk about How to reduce the time children with screens?


rents are sometimes guilty , directly or indirectly, that their children are obsessed with technology, such as video games and text messages, instead of interacting with the world and people around them. And as mentioned in the first column of this series , a digital overload can jeopardize social, emotional and intellectual growth of a child.

This conclusion has led many experts to suggest to the parents ways to prevent or rectify these problems before damage occurs. “This can be fixed,” says Catherine Steiner-Adair, affiliated with Harvard psychologist. “And the sooner the better.”

As the therapist Susan Stiffelman familar published in The Huffington Post: parents today are not prepared to face the “intense attractiveness” of the digital world. “As parents, we have an opportunity to lead our children learn habits that will help them make use of this world, without being swallowed by it,” Stiffelman writes.

Two experts from the School of Public Health at Harvard, Steven Gortmaker and Kaley Skapinsky offer a free guide, “Outsmarting the Smart Screens: A Parent’s Guide to the Tools That Are Here to Help” (How to be smarter than smart screens: A guide for parents, with useful tools), and also healthy to counteract the excessive use of screen activities. Children should not have their own mobile phones or televisions in their rooms, keep these experts, adding that even in adolescence is not too late to set reasonable time limits compared to devices.

Children learn by example, and often copy the behavior of adults. I often see children in cars or walking with a parent or babysitter who is writing or sending messages on his mobile phone instead of talking to the child. Steiner-Adair says parents should think twice before using their mobile devices in the presence of their children. Also it suggests parents check their emails before they raise the children while they are at school or after they go to bed.