Surely you’ve wanted to see online games, but it turns out that for various reasons you may have had to settle for listening to the radio or follow via a web. Well, I’ll leave a few tricks to see them free. First of all talk about the two most important ways to view events on your ordered r :

From websites with flash

Here we find sites to insert a flash box which played the game live. The process is very simple, you have to just open website and wait to start playing. The downside of this method is that the quality is quite low and usually costs find a stable place.

P2P programs

In this case the operation is quite similar, but instead of opening a website have to open an app and it open a “channel” which will begin loading the content. The good thing is that using the peer-to-peer system (P2P) makes the transfer of data is much more streamlined and therefore can increase the image quality.


The most frequently used programs in this section would be the Ace Stream and SopCast, the two have a very wide network of users that makes it work in a manner fairly stable . We recall that P2P is what makes your computer not only works as “customer”, but also acts as a “server”, so the more active users better performance.

And the most important! How do I find the channels or the links to see? Well for this there are websites where collected links and so just have to get the game in particular, you choose the language, the way of looking and … Enjoy.

Finally a few tips that will be quite useful

1 – Optimize your connection : Can not wait to go smoother if you are downloading content, watching videos on YouTube, etc … Let all the available bandwidth. And if you can not connect by cable and WiFi.

2 – I advise the P2P option, but I have handy flash web (no load). Often cut the signal and it is good to have an alternative.

3 – Do not wait until the last minute, in the case of P2P is advisable to charge you about 10 minutes before the match start.

4 – And the most important … Do not expect a signal as real, so … do not despair .