With most Android leaders having comparable equipment specs, one of the ways Android handset producers separate themselves from the challenge is by utilizing programming. HTC, much the same as the various handset producers, has utilized this procedure, one of which is through its Mail application which comes packaged with its telephones.

Anyway as per a report from Android Police, for reasons unknown the application, which figured out how to pile on a great many introduces, has strangely disappeared from the Google Play Store. The application was keep going refreshed on December 2018 which is genuinely later, so it’s not as though this was an application that was sitting stale for a considerable length of time.

For those new, the HTC Mail application is an email application that underpins various administrations, implying that on the off chance that you have a Gmail and a Yahoo email, you could solidify those records under a solitary application. Anyway Android Police hypothesizes that since other email applications as of now bolster numerous administrations, including Gmail which underpins non-Gmail accounts, maybe HTC has chosen to resign the application over keeping up it which costs them time and assets.

Anyway the abrupt vanishing is fairly bizarre, yet HTC presently can’t seem to formally remark on it. Regardless it likewise creates the impression that in spite of the application vanishing, the application is as yet being preinstalled on the organization’s later handsets, in this manner adding to the puzzle.

(source: ubergizmo)


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