Managing a building site is something where physical security is absolutely crucial. Not only are you generally dealing with an outdoor, unfinished space that people could stumble into accidentally without the right perimeter security (potentially leading to insurance or legal issues if they get injured), but you also often have to leave quite expensive machinery, equipment and materials on site overnight when your usual workforce isn’t there to supervise it.

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Planning Site Security

Building site security involves having a good strategy for protecting you site and assets, and following best practices. Every project is different, and when you are planning a construction effort, it is important to assess from the start what kind of fencing you need and when during the project this will be erected, how you will use and power cameras and alarms, and whether you will have security personnel on the premises outside of building hours. You should also, in the planning phase, identify and procure any tech you are going to use.

New technology often offers more convenient and cost effective ways to implement better site security, and one modern innovation that can help a lot with construction site security are the new generation of ‘smart’ padlocks. Here, we take a look at what these are, and the various ways you can use them on site for better security:

Smart Padlocks and Building Site Security

Vandalism and theft on building sites is thought to account for over $1 billion a year in losses in the US alone, so this is something it is well worth making sure you are properly protected against. The latest generation of smart padlocks are not just heavy duty padlocks, but also devices that can track their own location and communicate with you wirelessly in real time. With built in GPS, they can tell you when the object you attach them to has been moved, and they can also notify you of impact, so you know if someone is trying to break the lock as it happens.

These kinds of security padlock can be used in lots of different ways. You can attach them to your machinery so you will know in real time if someone is trying to steal it (and if it is stolen, where it has been taken to). You can attach them to trailers or crates of materials in much the same way. You can also use them on things you have fixed into position like fences, gates and even scaffolds, to ensure nothing is moving or being tampered with when you are not there.

Adding this kind of technology to what seems like an ordinary padlock really does improve how well you can monitor what is happening on your site remotely, and how quickly you can get security personnel or the police to investigate when something unusual occurs that your lock picks up on. They are resilient, and can be reused time and again, with only the need to replace batteries from time to time. This makes them a great investment for construction site protection.