If you are a computer user (which you must be if you are reading this) then internet security may be your top concern. While accessing the internet securely is important, it does not pay to overwhelm oneself with extensive security procedures. Following the below mentioned simple tips will ensure that you enjoy your time on the Internet in a safe manner.

Use Firewall: Using a software firewall on your own machine can be very useful even if you are being protected by a hardware firewall installed on your LAN. This way you can control all communication to and from your machine and precisely know what each application installed on your computer wants to send or receive. At the same time, you will know what kind of traffic wants to reach your machine from the Internet so you can block or allow things as you please.

internet security tips

Install Antivirus: This is the first thing you should do if you do not have one already. Viruses use innovative techniques to invade your computer so don’t think you are smart enough to avoid viruses by being careful. Antivirus software is worth your money so find a good one with good reviews and get it installed.

Update frequently: Keep installing updates and patches for Windows, Internet Explorer, anti-virus, e-mail software, entertainment software and everything. Patches and updates resolve potential security threats or backdoors in OS and applications. Old browser versions and unpatched windows can lead to serious problems. Windows and most major applications update themselves automatically but this features need to be enabled.

Applying Browser Security: Browsers can be configured to avoid pop-ups, stopping scripts and rejecting Cookies. Fine tune your browser to at least ask you before downloading any malicious content.  

Do not open “that” e-mail: Virus spreading, attacks and hacking are mostly done through e-mails. Do not open attachments with e-mails which are from unknown or not trustworthy sources. Also check the extension of the file before opening it. Configure e-mail software to block automatic scripts and dangerous attachments.

Do not get tempted: Clicking ads to get Free software, free music, Earn $500 in a week or watching your favorite actress naked” can lead to getting your computer infected with Malware. All the security measures will be useless if your behavior on the net is irresponsible. As you do not accept cookie from a stranger on a bus stand, do no accept one on the net as well.

Protect Password and your identity: Set a serious password i.e. a combination of alphanumeric and special characters. Do not share it with anyone. Do not save it on public or group computers. Do not reveal your identity unnecessarily to all the sites you visit. Entering e-mail address everywhere will generate spam to your mailbox which is a nuisance and the biggest source of malware.

Be careful on Social Networking sites: It may seem very exciting to accept the invitation of that lovely babe or the cool guy but accepting invites of unknown people can be a risky business in real life as well as on net. You do not know who is sitting behind that lovely face and what are his/her exact intentions are. So be careful and do not get carried away.

-Thanks a lot for reading my internet security tips related article. Hope read and enjoy!