Gradually the commercial future of Apple is cleared and among legal battle and court battle, more data on one of its most anticipated releases are coming to light. Are there grounds for much excitement? A few weeks before the most likely announcement of the iPhone 5 on 12 September, had already begun to talk about a possible joint launch of the new iPod and, more importantly, the iPad Mini. However, many put in doubt iPhone 5 and iPad Mini we were to hand stores. Today it is almost certain that Apple will hold two separate events, the already scheduled in September for the new iPhone, and another a month later to the new iPad.

Commercially, this strategy makes all the sense in the world, as it focuses attention of the consumer and the media in a single product. But that is an implicit recognition both products are treading the ground each other, and that, in my opinion, does not look so good.


That both the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini will be commercial successes, is something that no one questions. Apple still has not lost its prestige among consumers, much less among his most faithful followers, and clearly need a product to compete against devices like the Galaxy Note 2 Samsung. But the success or failure of a device is measured not only by the level of sales. A more conceptual level, even product philosophy if you will, the iPad Mini is moving on the slippery ground of vagueness .

And I am among those who believe that a device, the more suitable for the task it is supposed, the better. When I grab one tablet want it to be thin, light and your screen is large enough to not have to wear one glasses magnifying glasses. However, when I use a smartphone want to feel comfortable in the hand and to put it in my pocket jeans without having to take them to a tailor and not drive home your terminal groin whenever I feel the rear (sorry, Galaxy S3 !). So I’m not sure I convince an iPad somewhere between an iPhone and a conventional tablet, especially now that the iPhone screen is about to happen to the major league.

Do not get me wrong: I have no doubt that there is an audience out there for things like the iPad Mini. And I know that something like a S Pen can get to be quite convenient (although I doubt very much that Apple will develop any kind of digital pen for your iPad). It’s just that, until someone convinces me otherwise, I see no need to reduce the current size of the iPad or increase future dimensions of the new iPhone.