Apple introduced with great fanfare its new phones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus those who have spoken in detail. However, after meeting your specifications, we have the feeling that Apple could have worked a bit more, especially a tyrant competition it faces.

We talked about phones like the Xperia Z3 filming in 4K, Full HD screen and are resistant to water and dust, features the iPhone 6, at least in its common vision, no. Until Samsung decided to step forward curved screens showing phones while the iPhone remains at the designs that we know.

Compared with 2012 models

And they are not a few who think so, just enough to see this is circulating lately with social networks, where image is compared to a Nexus 4 Yes, mobile, 2012 with which it has some similarities:


Both have 4.7-inch screens with nearly identical resolutions and 8 MP camera. Also a hint at some technologies that have high-end Android long time ago and bequeath iPhone as a novelty: the NFC and suggestions on the keyboard. Finally made a face that has wireless charging, water resistance and is multiuser. Is it not much attack?

Okay, I admit that the picture is biased and does not speak of the 64-bit processor or touch ID, very distant technologies Nexus 4 to the build quality of much iPhone. It does not help that the differences from the previous model (iPhone 5S) are not so large. Primarily a larger screen and more powerful processor (do not know exactly how powerful, but it would be 50% better in games). Improvements iOS 8 do not count them because they will also previous iPhone since 5.

Specifications are not everything

However, do not forget that the specifications do not define how pleasant it is to use a mobile , and this is where Apple usually does well with iOS, a very smooth and stable system. Also still somewhat smaller than the high-end competition and quality design that few have. Now I ask you, you who think that Apple should have added? Do you think its hefty price of 649 € is justified?