After more than four years after the presentation of the iPad and almost four since reached the market, Office for iPad is now available on the App Store. The office suite Microsoft has released as three separate applications ( Word , Excel and PowerPoint ) to which must be added the application OneNote, which was available previously. Enjoy now your office on your iPad, we’ll explain how!

Microsoft had the initial idea to keep Office exclusively for its Surface tablets and other tablets with Windows 8, but the numbers have you had to abandon this idea and admit that if you want to expand the number of users should be extended to other platforms. There are many iPad users who use Windows and Office software regularly, and Apple applications (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) they are strange. These are undoubtedly more grateful to have Office on your iPad.


An expected success

Similar to the Office for iPhone released last year, this new version has the main advantage unlike its optimization for the widest of iOS Apple tablet screen, which seems like a more attractive product for those looking to take advantage of the known platform Office and mobility of the iPad. It is also optimized for use with touch interface. So success seems assured and, indeed, in less than a week have reached the figure of 12 million downloads on the App Store.

Now with Office 365, you can view and edit your documents in virtually all devices and computers, whether PC, Mac, or Windows tablets and iPad. Furthermore, although with some limitations, also can edit your documents directly in a web browser, which means you can do it from a computer which is not yours or you do not have Office installed. However, before you start working, you should always access your Office 365 account, which will be the account that you have on

Office 365 to create and edit documents

Microsoft Office for iPad is free, and if you only need to see documents or presentations should not pay any more. But to edit and create documents, you must have a subscription to Office 365 whose price is around € 99. Now the question that Android users are asking is: how soon Office for Android? Microsoft has not ruled on the matter and the reality is that the version for the Google platform appears nowhere forecast the short or medium term. And remember … From Computer Support Premium 24 h of RACC we are at your disposal to aclararte any questions about the new Office for iPad. If you have contracted the service, you know that you can call toll free 900 35 14 34.