A new pen lets you draw freehand objects in the air … a miniature 3D printer? The 3D printing is the future, a concept which is now looks upscale but in time could be in most homes. However they are expensive, large and you have to know them to use. A new type of gadgets comes to simplify the process and make it as simple drawing objects: talk about Lix, 3D pen.

What is Lix, how it works?

Lix is a pen that instead of using conventional ink used plastic filaments to create solid figures. The PLa or ABS (the same type used 3D printers) plastic is heated inside the pen, and melted goes to harden in a few moments. Then you just have to go slowly drawing you want, which will take shape.

To make it work you just have to give power through a USB port and charge a small plastic filament in the back of the pen, and after just a minute is ready for use. It is small and easy to handle , at least much more than his rival 3D Doodler. As seen on the web can do complex things, and would be the main limit your ability and pulse.


I want one!

The price is also a good thing: just $ 139 , accessible. For now is not on the market and have a Kickstarter campaign on April 14, so your wait should not extend many months, so go preparing your creativity.