When app developers make a mobile application, they need to test it repeatedly to ensure it works flawlessly. You also want user feedback so you can tweak the app to perfection. With user feedback that you gain through testing, you can find out what features are attractive and what features you might just be able to do without. Through mobile app testing, you can beta test your app during development, or you can test it after launch.

Mobile app testing involves letting users sample what your app does. The feedback you get has everything to do with how the users engage with the app, how long they engage with it, and the steps they take while interacting with the application. The analytics you receive can teach you much about how to adapt the app in question. Essentially, mobile app testing can make it possible to nip problems in the bud before the initial launching of an app, but such testing can also prove beneficial after the initial launch in identifying remaining issues that require remedy.

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 With TestFlight, you have a chance to invite up to 1000 external testers to check out what your app has to offer. You can share your beta versions with 25 internal testers as well to get important mid-development feedback on your app production. There is a tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know on how to make the most out of TestFlight tools on the Apple website.


TestFairy is a resource available for Android beta testing. With TestFairy, you get recordings of what the testers are doing so you can see exactly how they interact with the application. Your testers can download the app from a community page with one simple click. You get crash reports and user feedback. You are even given the opportunity to view internal metrics like logs, GPS, memory, and more.


HockeyApp is another resource you can use if you are interested in testing the integrity of your mobile app. The testing resource offers access to analytics of the operating systems, hardware, and users behaviors, and user feedback. You can get access to crash reports. The testing resource supports Xamarin, Unity, Windows, OS X, iOS, and Android devices. HockeyApp has three personal plans and several business plans so it’s easy to find a plan that suits your budget.


Ubertesters offers highly professional testers on demand and in as many as 80 countries around the globe. When using Ubertesters services, you can have experience testers try your mobile app, and even international testers can give you insightful feedback on your creation. You get full control over the testing, and you can personally choose the testers that participate. You can get up to five tests for free, and Ubertesters offers other payment levels and plans including Indie, Startup, Pro, and Enterprise. All plans include statistics, integrated bug reports, a distribution group, screenshot editing, custom logging, unlimited crash logging, and OTA distribution as well as session tracking.