Speaks and communicates with the family feeling of the moment is a new assistant robot. Jibo really will bring robotics to the house to find out all you can do. The PDAs are becoming more popular, just enough to see systems like Siri on the iPhone or Google Android Now that warn you when you get emails or remind you useful information, all at conversed and naturally. Well, that’s it Jibo robot assistant for a family to learn our customs and we are trying to assist in daily tasks.

What is Jibo?

But more specifically, what is Jibo? Well, This helps in several ways (only 28 inches tall and 2.7 kg) is a small robot assistant. They e-mail or text message alerts when, for example, note that pending activities and even the story of the filming and taking pictures at parties can say. But the most interesting Jibo you can not communicate with a very human way.


A social robot

This Jibo identify each family member and know their habits, and then as it deems necessary to achieve the cameras that you can consult. You can give voice commands and it will respond to a person. Even Jibo (despite having no face) can express emotions as your Home screen lights. We made ​​this its creator Cynthia is a true companion, searching to see what that is.

Jibo you learn on the internet and download more applications / store everything can be improved by purchasing, constructing “skill” calls. The idea that new skills and time to create intelligent and willing to fulfill growing Jibo developers.

Their success so far

We want to clarify that this new robot will produce, and the website is funded by the campaign. You know like Kickstarter. Delivered in 2016, while those interested in one now, and then pay another 350 $ 200 can order. Yes, the long wait, but I promise this little robot. And much of it has already raised more than $ 1,000,000 in the same way, because I think.