It is no novelty: China will leave some of the most powerful new mobile on the market, the same or better than the big brands. Companies like Oppo Xiaomi u are a clear example, and the new Find 7 makes this clear.

The Oppo Find 7 is a high-end mobile as a Z2 Xperia or Galaxy S5 but even exceeded in some aspects. For starters, its 5.5-inch screen has a resolution Quad HD: 2560 x 1440 pixels. Yes, it is as sharp today on screens with 538 pixels per inch (the Nexus 5 only has 445 ppi).

Power is another highlight: 801 Snapdragon quad-core 2.5 Ghz along with 3 GB of RAM. To think that these numbers only before seen in desktop computers. Do not forget to highlight its 32GB of storage , and will feature Android 4.3.


An interesting detail is that of the camera, as it possesses Oppo says 50 mega pixels . The reality is that it is a common 13 MP camera that takes multiple photos at high speed and joins them in a 50 MP image. You can be successful, but do not expect the performance of a dedicated camera.

In conclusion, we are facing a mobile with the best of the best today . Super screen, plenty of power and a promising camera. All that comes a little mediocrity is the design. If you want to get one you will have to wait until May or June to reach Spain and will cost $ 600 . Will that price and face the Z2 company? I have a little hard not to be a well-known brand.