It is no novelty: China will go mobile with best value for money in the market. will not spend on advertising or bet to sell large quantities, but the fact is that companies like Xiaomi, Oppo or One Plus are bringing the best deals. In this case One Plus who has looked with One Plus One offering pointer to hardware affordable and offer new smartphone.

A powerful beast

The One Plus One is basically a phone with the same (or greater) power and performance of a popular high-end (Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2, etc.) but less than half the price . We talked about Full HD 5.5 inch screen, all the power of a 4-core processor, 4G connectivity and a camera of 13 MP, the best available today. You can see full note at the end of the specification.


Where you lose is not aesthetic. This is a personal taste, but I think a good design with some similarities to the Nexus 5. It is light weight 162 g and 8.9 mm thick. As detailed in the web you can choose whether you want to or capacitive buttons on the screen. If you want to personalize it back shells are offered with different textures , such as wood and cloth. That itself is almost all plastic and I do not see masquerades side that says it is resistant.

Interesting features

Often fail where Chinese phones is little new to offer beyond its specifications. The One Plus One has to differentiate some as an advanced voice recognition (is as good as the Moto X?) and the use of gestures, such as two touches to awaken mobile. Another strong benefit is Cyanogen Mod. This modified version of Android is updated followed, so you could be updated for years.

Killer Flagship

So far this is not far removed from other high-end that we saw, though here comes the magic: 269 euros , that’s all it costs to gain the 16GB version. For 30 euros you have the 64GB also is a bargain . Luckily reach Spain and will be sold online, but if you want to buy is Pirandello the first day because it could sell out fast. Among its power, aesthetics and price is a serious candidate to be the best mobile 2014 .

This is a dangerous move for classic manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Sony, which sell similar products for almost double the price. Could it be that you make these phones is not so expensive and over-priced companies charge to justify what they spend on advertising? By now the Chinese phones are not both in the windows and often appear on TV, but can gradually take market share away from the celebrity Flagship.