Televisions have long ceased to be mere dumb boxes where watching TV. The first major renovation was with Smart TV and 3D TV, but last year a wave of new technologies and enhance televisions promise better experience. These are the new technologies that you have to consider here the future:

Curved screens

Earlier this year Samsung and LG presented prototypes of larger TVs (80 inches) and curved screens. Moreover, a (non-commercial) model allows Samsung TV only bend the push of a button, so that the screen is partially flexible.But … What is a screen that is curved inwards? According to the manufacturers provide a depth ratio much closer to reality , indeed, one might even get a similar effect without 3D glasses. Samsung plans to bring to market such models from 55 inches, but prices rise from $ 10,000 , so it’s not for everyone. Furthermore are 4K, which may leads to.

4K Resolution

Resolution is the measure of how many pixels (small dots) shows at once on your television screen. The more points will form the image is sharper. This is why an LCD TV is much better than one tube. Currently LCD televisions typically have resolutions of 1920 x 1080 px, 1080 lines of 1920 points each.


The 4K resolution is much more ambitious: 4096 x 2160 px. Thanks to this would be very difficult for you to distinguish a point on the screen, and you might even see a 100 inch tv within walking distance without loss of quality. 4K TVs can be found in stores, with models from 55 inches to about € 2300 .

Advanced systems

Most modern TVs have very advanced operating systems. For example let you run applications like games, facebook, etc and even communicate with the TV using gestures and voice. Do not have much to envy the truth Android phone.An example of this is the new system for TVs LG: Web OS, very fast and intuitive to use. Will we get to see a Windows on the TV? Do not know, but certainly the power of the TV increases every day.

TV Online:

The new streaming TV service major challenge cable TV channels. Online TV service, such as Netflix, gives the user a lot of content (movies, series, etc.) and can decide at what point them uncut. Video On Demand as they say.

With the speed of existing connections enjoy Internet TV with good quality is perfectly possible. Also you could watch TV on your laptop, tablet and other devices. Yes, as in the wing cable TV you must pay a monthly fee for the service, but not expensive. By now there are several services available in Spain as Waki, Voddler Yomvi or, hovering around 10 € per month, and several popular channels have services to see their online content.