Technology gives us breath, and 2014 are expected very important news like never before. It is the year that many of the new technologies that we have been anticipating coming to market. Augmented, virtual, reality seems flexible gadgets everything will stop promises to be incorporated into our daily lives and to change society. Here’s what not to miss next year:

1 – Virtual Reality: Oculus Rift

The virtual reality goggles can change our perception of video games and achieve immersion never before seen. Imagine seeing from one end to the virtual world as if you were actually in it. Well, Oculus Rift, along with other competing models can make this possible. It is best to Oculus Rift is a reality with which several groups of developers are working. Thanks to a generous investment of 75 billion glasses could reach the public this year. Can you imagine what it would be good if combined with motion sensors? If we enter into a new era of the game.


2 – Augmented Reality: Google Glass

Virtual reality had to augmented reality. The magic of these glasses is that you can read more information of the objects by sight. Imagine knowing everything they sell in a store while passing in front, or the ingredients of the dish so rich you are eating without any extra effort. Google glass looks like one of those futuristic gadgets movie, but the truth is already in the streets and several lucky in the U.S. are testing a beta version to $ 1,500. With new applications and functionalists appear little by little, these glasses can change our lives.

3 – Flexible Gadgets

Some time ago we have been predicting the flexible displays, and this year saw the first phones with screens curved hand Samsung and LG. Why not delude with second flexible versions of these devices? The latest rumors suggest even televisions with flexible displays. Some amazing gadget can come this way. The key to this may lie in the use of new materials such as geographer, which could help gadgets that are more resistant to shock and self-regenerate if damaged. If it appears that a fall will not be the death of our smartphone.

4 – 3D Printing

This technology is very popular this year, but with economic models taking off and new proposals for color printing can reach the public in 2014 Just think how useful they can be. creating your own decorations, parts of more complex gadgets or replicate objects that you like .

5 – Advanced Robots

Gradually the robots begin to be incorporated into the daily tasks of society. They are working on drones to send packets, security robots, and many projects do not yet know. Even big companies like Google show interest to invest heavily in the industry. I hope big news in 2014, would it be too much to ask a robotic personal assistant? Perhaps, but not illusions.