If you haven’t checked it out lately, a five-minute browse of the App Store will make it abundantly clear just how many Apple apps are currently available. Lucky iPhone and iPad users have an extensive range of options for just about any task, pastime, or function. Whether you’re into travel, shopping, fitness, scheduling, effects, news, arts, or whatever — as the saying goes — there’s definitely an app for that.

Loyal Apple customers also have much to look forward to as 2015 rolls on. Upgraded versions of iOS to assist with app efficiency and battery life, rumourednews on HomeKit (the home automation platform), perks for Apple Pay customers, a transformed iTunes Radio service, and a rebrand of the recently acquired Beats Music are among the most hotly anticipated updates for the year. Topping these is a recent announcement that the new Apple Watch will soon have its own toolkit for software developers to begin work on apps directly for the watch itself. This is big news—especially if your company is looking to produce a third-party application designed for the burgeoning field of wearable technology.


Developing applications for the Apple Watch has so far involved a complicated process. Essentially, apps were created on iPhones, and the necessary data was beamed from the smartphone to receiving extensions built into the humble watch. Many felt as though this process sometimes created slow-moving apps with a number of limitations. The ability to write apps for the watch itself (foregoing the beaming stage) will surely mean better, more efficient, and far more numerous apps to become available. Time-wise, we’ll most likely start to see savvy businesses and application development companies rolling out new and improved apps this fall.

With this announcement, many feel as though now is the perfect time for your company to partner with an amazing application development team and collaborate on something cool, clever, helpful, or downright addictive for Apple Watch or smartphone users. Development companies that specialize in iOS apps are always on top of the latest releases and innovations from Apple, and can help you turn a dream, bare sketch, or fledgling project into an app that’s downloaded by millions of users.

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It’s rightly time to think beyond apps merely for phones and tablets. It’s time to start imagining the future of applications for wearable technology and other forms of groundbreaking devices. With the right development company on your side, you can confidently stay on the forefront of the latest and greatest and become a trendsetter in your industry.