In the world of smart TV a real war ensued, with devices like the Chromecast Apple TV or looking to bring the user the easiest way to see movies and online series. Now another giant adds a tantalizing proposition: Amazon Fire TV. Let’s see why it is one of the top selling gadgets in the U.S..

What is the Amazon Fire TV?

This is a set-top-box, a small rectangular device that connects to the TV via HDMI port and becomes a Smart TV with the ability to access applications more popular services online movies and series like Netflix. Not only that, it also allows you to run games and music.

It is very easy to use, you just connect it to the TV and through a simple (perhaps too simple) menu choose if you want to watch TV shows, movies, games, your photo collection, etc. In the case of the Amazon series has its own service for payment prior rent them, but you can also choose to use others as Netflix, Youtube or Hulu Plus applications.


One of his workhorses is the voice search. Yes, by pressing a button on the remote and holding as a microphone, you can tell the movie or TV series these are looking. It works pretty well, although it is limited only by providing results from Amazon and not other services.

The other strong point of the system is its ability to run games. Being fairly powerful (similar to a Galaxy S4 in power) can run many games quite smoothly. These games come from an own store Amazon, and although not as complete as Play store have several hundred to choose from. Even created a special pad to be playing sold separately. The only problem here is that the system has only 8 GB of internal memory and can not be expanded, and installing games heavy fills up fast.

Fire vs TV competition

The system looks pretty good: easy to play online content, powerful to play aesthetically beautiful and only costs $ 99 U.S.. However, competition is strong clash. On one side is the Chromecast , which only costs 35 euros and is sufficient if you just watch videos from Netflix or Youtube. Moreover, it also allows you to browse internet TV thing that the Fire does not. Then you have to fight the system with Android, which have the advantage of providing access to multimedia content you have on your computer, something impossible in the Fire TV.

Finally most of the new TV comes with Smart TV integrated services. Be less powerful and intuitive, but it works without paying extra. We have no date or confirmation of his arrival in Spain, although it would not be impossible here competing with the future Android TV.