The Galaxy S5 and has several new accessories for its official release. Cases, wireless charging and other surprises.Samsung introduced all out the Galaxy S5 , yet was somewhat cryptic with details of accessories which is revealed little by little. However we have some news.


All Mobile hierarchy worth its salt has to have a cover designed for . This is the case with the Galaxy S5 S-View Cover , book format with sheaths that cover the front of the device, but leave a small visible area of the screen so that the user can read notifications or messages. They look like the S4, although these are more square and wide “window”. Are available in different colors and prices to be confirmed.

Interesting is also the variant of wireless charging to the S Cover View, which is compatible with chargers that meet the Qi standard. It looks like the S View Original Cover, but is more expensive to have a special back cover to function.Finally is she “Flip Wallet” , a special case with a compartment for storing money or cards .


Other accessories:

Following the line of accessories found the S Charger Pack , which is in essence one Qi wireless charging platform with a nice design. On it you must put the Galaxy S5 (particularly as it comes in the S-View Wireless housing) for connectionless been reloaded.

The last notable accessory is a pair of headphones called Samsung Sound, generously sized and right sound, which also have volume control, which we hope will not take long to get to the shops. You must not forget that there are good amount of accessories from other manufacturers, such as those shown in the note of the best covers.