Congratulations to you on getting a new large capacity hard drive. But did you know that a hard drive that is larger than 2TB, you will need to convert the partition from a gpt to mbr? That’s where you will need the help of a partition magic windows 7 that can do this for you.

EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.5 has been in the market for so long and there are more than 30 million users worldwide that uses this partition magic windows 7 system. It is also backed by the industry experts and it provides a single solution for all of your disk management, partition recovery and cloning needs. You will find that it is very easy to convert from gpt to mbr in just a few minutes.

Partition Magic

In fact, it is very easy to get started with this partition magic windows 7. But first of all, you need to download, install and launch the program. Once you are inside the main window, it will show you all of the shortcuts for common tasks as well as an overview of pending operations, a map of each disk, and a list of the partitions on the selected disk. Then it has a Menu bar that gives you access to everything that this partition magic windows 7 can offer.

And today, we will take a look at how easy it to resize partitions with EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.5 in just a few steps. First of all, after you have downloaded and installed the free partition magic windows 7, proceed to launch the program. Secondly, right click on the partition that you want to free the space up and select “Resize/Move partition”. You should position your mouse on the left hand side and drag the handle all the way to your desired size or until it can’t move anymore. Once that is done, you should be able to see it under Pending Operations. To proceed with the resizing of the partition, click “Apply”. That’s all you need to do to have a bigger drive.


Another key feature of the partition magic windows 7 is that you can convert gpt to mbr and vice versa without experiencing any data loss. It supports all versions of hardware RAID, removable storage devices, hard disks, GPT disks and FAT/NTFS/EXT2/EXT3 file systems. Plus it also works on either a BIOS-based hardware or a UEFI-based hardware.

The next time you help with partition magic windows 7, remember to use EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.5. The clean user interface and step-by-step user guide will ensure you get the most out of the software and allows you to easily convert gpt to mbr.