We tried locally made models as part of a segment defined benefit between the functions offered by tablets and laptops. with the flexibility to combine the benefits of personal computers and tablets, the equipment 2 in 1 burst into the market a few years after the arrival of Apple format imposed five years ago with his iPad. Since then, users began to discover a new class of mobile device that could replace many of the tasks that used to be performed in a notebook, but with the advantage of having a touch screen and a lower weight.

touch screen

While nothing prevents a tablet can be used to work with office tools such as a spreadsheet or text document drafting, the fact is that it is inevitable that again resort to a physical keyboard as an accessory to carry perform many of these tasks.

Halfway between notebooks and tablets, the performance of computers 2 in 1 can generate doubt for those who are not clear what will be using the equipment. “It’s a mobile user oriented format, ideal for producing content that requires the use of the keyboard and use applications with a touch interface,” adds the executive.

In the local supply of computers 2 in 1, configurations of equipment point to a combination of format 10-inch screen, weighing about 1 kilo with a physical keyboard that allows tasks without inconveniences programs Office Suite. As for its technical specifications, have 1 or 2 GB of RAM, Celeron Dual Core or Quad-Core Atom and a storage capacity of 32 GB, in most of the proposals.

With these settings, computers 2 in 1 are presented as a supplement for those who wish to have mobile access and integrated tools available on your personal computer for use with Windows. You can position itself as the main computer if it requires a moderate use of the performance of a PC, such as surfing the Web, editing Office documents or access online content such as YouTube, Spotify and Netflix, as these models have one microHDMI connector and make a connection to a larger TV screen.

They all use the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 8.1 With Bing, an edition available without charge for equipment manufacturers with smaller screens 10 inches. In turn, the company offers one year free subscription to Office 365 service, monthly credit Skype to make phone calls and 1TB of storage space in the One Drive service.

By detaching the screen keyboard, the touch interface of the latest version of Windows 8 works well, but requires a short curve learning of gestures to switch between applications, minimizing a window or navigate the Internet Explorer browser tabs. However, the traditional view is available desktop and all programs that are used in a PC can be installed without problems.

We tried four of the five models available in the Argentine market for local manufacturers EXO, Noblex and PCBOX. Almost all proposals are based on the concept of a screen keyboard appears with Windows and a similar configuration, which we will review in the following comparative table next to the particularities of each team.