It is able to recognize and react to the joy or anger of humans; he was introduced in Japan; It is priced at $ 1600. Not Z-25, the sensitive robot strip our Liniers, but going in the same way. Pepper robot, the Japanese company Softbank, equipped with “heart, goes on sale in Japan on Saturday, and is designed not only to recognize human emotions but to react with simulations of anger, happiness or irritation.

human emotion

The robot will develop its own personality, depending on how people interact with it. Pepper can remember faces and is scheduled to be happy when you pay attention but sad when it’s not. It will also encourage people and seek to mitigate their sentences.

“We tried to create a robot with a heart that can understand the feelings of the people and establish a relationship with them,” he said during a presentation to the media crowded Masaoshi Son, CEO of Softbank.

“If the lights go out scared, if you are engaged hurtful words are sad and when he is fondly is able to mourn for joy (her tears are represented in individual blue lights in his eyes),” said Son.

The robot is 121 centimeters tall, weighs 28 kilograms and is white. It moves on wheels, was shown to journalists and guests in a theater in the Tokyo area on Thursday night. Does not have hair on his head, his arms move and your operating system was developed over a year before being announced.

The robot slid proudly onto the stage, he spoke with celebrity guests, danced, sang a birthday song and showed how you can record the life of a family in photos and be a partner. He also pretended to be happy when you are praising or stroking.

The CEO of Softbank, Masayoshi Son, said the company is prepared to sell globally in partnership with the Chinese group Alibaba and Taiwanese Foxconn. Each will have a 20% interest in the robotic unit of Softbank, which is valued at 240 million dollars to support the manufacturing and computer programming.

This android “with heart” developed jointly by SoftBank Mobile and the French manufacturer of robotic Aldebaran Robotics, has already been incorporated as a dependent to some establishments Nescafe and Softbank in China, but as of June 20 will be sold domestically.

It has not decided when to go on sale outside Japan, but said the first sales abroad probably take place next year while sales will test this year. Its price is 198,000 yen ($ 1,600) in Japan and will be available each month 1000 robots.

The monthly service fee is 14,800 yen (120 US dollars), more maintenance insurance 9800 yen ($ 80). They are expected to generate business profit in five years.