Until only a few years were toys or unmanned vehicles used in the military or Special Forces, today there are over 50 schools piloting drones spread over our country. Nearly a third of the students enrolled in schools to pilot drones are unemployed looking for a job opportunity or people who want to broaden their knowledge and take advantage reef boom these small flying machines. But to become pilot drones also has a price: from 350 euros.

pilot drones

Until a few years ago no one seemed to know the word drone , in fact the drones were reserved for military use or toys were a huge cost that few could afford. But today the situation is very different and in some time now, the use of these drones flying vehicles is widespread so that the demand for getting a license to pilot drones has exploded in Spain.

The sector has been meteoric, if last November in Spain were 29 drone operators (EASA registered companies with these devices and use them professionally hiring pilots with the necessary qualifications) in May 2015 this number had increased reaching 260 registered in the official register.

In Spain some fifty schools providing there are currently piloting drones classes with prices move between 350 and 1,550 euros. The agenda for drone pilot is extensive and is geared to educate those who are completely unaware of the rules and aviation regulation in the theoretical and practical level.

The future pilots

The scope for drone pilots once the training phase is quite wide, from civil engineering to the audiovisual sector, many sectors that require their services. Probably the best known is the audiovisual as more and more companies are videos, producing and even photographers who use drones to perform certain jobs because they can get to cut costs by up to 80%. Civil engineering using drones allows access to areas of difficult access without running any danger. In the field of emergencies they are increasingly used to search for people at sea and are beginning to be used in natural disasters such as fires, floods or analysis of radioactivity. Of course we must not forget his commercial enterprise, in some US cities and sharing drone used to expedite deliveries of goods and orders. Many sectors already suggests that drones will be the next revolution.

What the law says

Under current legislation drone pilot can be anyone who has (or has had in the last five years) a pilot license, glider, balloon or microlight. Should not have it you can get specific with basic and advanced training organization certificate or, but then you can only fly drones under 25 kg. of weight. You must be over 18 years and provide a medical certificate to show that you have the necessary knowledge of the aircraft and the pilot of the drone. Under current law, the drones can fly only in non-urban areas more than 15 kilometers of an airport or airfield, day, with favorable weather conditions and pilot a distance not exceeding 500 meters. Never fly a drone over 120 meters (400 feet) and if you want to do some recording or photograph, always out of crowds and with the permission of EFSA.