An update for the Google application landed on my Pixel telephone toward the finish of a week ago and now my climate has been absent from the “At a Glance” gadget on the home screen from that point forward. It’s miserable. Looking outside through the two windows in my office is troublesome. I need Google to reveal to me the temperature (it looks cold af) and if it’s shady or not (it’s not right now, in spite of the fact that my cavern troll eyes are presently consuming subsequent to squinting between the blinds to check). On the off chance that you likewise happen to miss that little climate alternate route on both your home and lock screens, I have news to share.

The guilty party for this next-level debacle appears to be a Google application update, yet an update to the Google application through the beta channel. Truly, I’m taken a crack at the Google application beta, as are such a significant number of you, and that is the reason that climate has vanished.

Need climate back? Discard the beta channel and go stable and you ought to be great. At any rate that is the thing that the great children at reddit appear to accept. Or on the other hand, you could pause (like me, who is languid) for Google to push another update or flip something off camera that will without a doubt fix the issue. Google needs nobody looking outside and accepting a conjecture regarding what the climate might be.

(source: droid-life)


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