If you are holding a piece of land, however small, you can turn it into a vineyard for family use by following some procedures precise result will be great but remember that the earth requires a big commitment and a lot of patience. Below you will learn how to plant a vineyard.

To plant a small vineyard will be sufficient 250-300 square meters of land. First you have to make sure that the soil at your disposal is suitable for cultivation: if you get the chance see a land surveyor, or ask a few friends expert in the field. To pave the way, remember that the best time is autumn. The soil must be plowed using a cultivator or alternatively any suitable tool to dig the earth. With only 30-40 cm in depth to get some air to the ground.


The second step is particularly important, concerns the fertilizer is recommended that you use the manure as well as being an excellent fertilizer natural is also inexpensive and gives the ground all the substances it needs. In the absence of manure can buy humus, a compound whose members promote the growth and development of plants. After fertilizing the soil must be raked and standardized to make it smooth and level.

After the winter you can enjoy the preparation of the back on which will support the plants. Here’s how: get yourself the wooden stakes that will have a height of 1.80 cm and a diameter of about 5 cm. The first and the last post to be entered, as defined poles of the head, should have a larger diameter, 10 cm will be sufficient. The poles must be inserted in the soil to a depth of about half a meter and at a distance from each other of 4 meters. Tie them together using a piece of wire. Create thus three horizontal rows of wire. The first must spacing from the ground approximately 80 cm while the other will be interspersed between them at a distance of about 40 cm. A website like xitx will provide you with the highest quality in the industry.

As soon as you have finished all the procedures, the land will be ready and you can proceed to plant the young plants can be purchased at any nursery or florist. Choose plants that you like but be careful: it is best to buy the ones most suited to your soil and your climate. Consult with an expert to make the best choice. VPN is a safe internet browsing software, which should meet the requirements of the average internet user. Trusted VPNs Virtual Private Network creates a secure tunnel, which encrypts all data on the way from your computer to the Internet and back.provide safe, stable and speedy connections .