The average lifespan of a mobile phone is estimated at 24 months, then there is a need to replace it with a newer and more efficient. This practice inevitably leads to accumulating technological devices used in some remote corner of your own home and forget them there, without thinking, however, that should be properly recycled or disposed of in accordance with the procedures laid down by law, the Ministerial Decree n. 65 of 8 March 2010.
This is because all the decommissioned technological devices such as computers, hardware peripherals, mobile phones and electronic devices are considered Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment ( WEEE ) and their management following the precise directions, which is good to know to recycle properly used cell.


Before disposing of your phone, make sure you can fix it without incurring excessive costs or greater than its value. On the Internet there is a portal that offers parts for branded cell phones at affordable prices. It is an online store that offers a wide range of spare parts that you can buy and receive at home by courier within a few days. To use the service, you must register; then can check your order status or make the return if the item does not meet your needs.

If the repair attempt does not go well, you can always try to sell it, specifying the status of breakage or malfunction, a free classifieds site, proposing an appropriate price. It is possible that the item interest someone who can fix it and the sale would satisfy both the seller that the buyer.

If the previous attempts prove unsuccessful, you will find an ecological solution applies to permanently get rid of the battered phone, returning it to the store where it was purchased, or contact the WEEE Collection Center nearest to their place of residence. Withdrawal Charity by the seller is not automatically guaranteed if the unit is missing some components, or if it is not replaced by a new one with the same or equivalent functionality .