We review in detail the smartphone and show you the 5 differences between this new device and its predecessor, the Galaxy S4. Although a good number of reviews on the net claim that there are many similarities between the current Galaxy 4S and its recent successor, the reality is that enthusiasts Samsung find attractive virtues in the new Galaxy S5. Have little time to know them? Do not worry, we thoroughly reviewed the new smartphone and I we summarize as follows:

Slightly larger screen

There is a big difference to the S4, but the Super AMOLED 5.1 at 1920×1080, although lost only 9 ppi compared to 441 the previous model, it stands out with a brighter image and more vivid, especially in exterior colors. You’ll love to see how the brightness is adjusted intelligently when you’re on the street or indoors, some not so well done in previous models.


Polycarbonate back panel

In order to resolve complaints of a “slippery phone” in his two previous models, Samsung included a removable rear cover made ​​of durable polycarbonate that allows greater adherence to sustain your fancy smartphone. The metal tap the front edge also functions as a kind of elegant “handle”.

Fingerprint reader and cardiac monitor

It’s impressive how Samsung decided the issue of scanning fingerprints without investing in additional, which drive up the device-device, including it in the touchscreen existing one. All you have to do is slide your finger lightly on the bottom of the screen. It is expected that Google Play soon integrate the application for shopping and confirmations. The practical heart monitor is integrated into the sensor under the rear rear camera, but is more accurate and faster than the previous model.

Powerful camera for audio and video

With 16 megapixels for pictures and videos of real quality 4K Camera S5 becomes one of the most enviable in the market. Not only have a decent amount of megapixels, but the way in which the lenses capture the color and detail, especially outdoors.