China has managed to break into the Western market and has done so thanks to devices with low prices and very powerful. From imitations of other terminal devices to high-end brands increasingly Will they dominate the Chinese smartphones.

The mobile phone is a must for most people and, like vastness of models, devices can find the most affordable prices. Many fears and prejudices we have about the “made in China” terminals, but manufacturers have been gradually wiping out the myth of the ‘poor quality’.

Currently, the market is mainly dominated by Apple and Samsung, but the supply of Chinese mobile is extensive. From imitations of other terminal devices to high-end brands increasingly recognized internationally s. Gradually, the industry call Chinese will be getting more important in the western market. Telstra was one of the first mobile operators who bet on these terminals in early 2010. Their quality was low, but a year later had an important insight.


But, what this revolution of Chinese smartphones is that? The reason: low prices and powerful products . Huawei and ZTE are the companies that manufacture Chinese smartphones in Europe and offer a warranty service.

ZTE sources claim that “stereotypes are breaking . “We think it’s a trend because in the end smartphones are consumer products and consumers have the right to choose varieties and models who want to” write. ZTE is one of the Chinese companies is making headway among Spanish consumers and is outpacing the topics on their guarantees.

Today, it is unnecessary to let a fortune on expensive devices that have the same applications and operating system these Chinese products. Can we save money if we are aware of the existence of these terminals. “We are building our brand so that more people know us,” write these sources.

Even so, consult and learn because many firms do not offer a very relevant technical or warranty support . In fact, many Chinese terminals that can be found on websites are not compatible with Western networks do not work with 3G. So you have to learn.

But once you are aware of what we buy, these devices have nothing to envy to the most famous manufacturers. And they are many people who feel fear and distrust of the new and unknown. China seeks its place and for some time it is getting but how come the Chinese to dominate mobile technology?

The Asian giant ZTE during 2013 strengthened its presence in key product groups and telecommunications markets. In China, took advantage of the benefits of being a pioneer in 4G LTE to consolidate its leadership position in the market while it got featured commercial developments in South Africa and Spain , and became the fourth largest supplier of smartphones in the United States. These sources say that by 2014 expect further expansion in markets such as China, USA and Europe. ” We aim to be one of the greatest .”