Not all roses for graphene, as recent studies show that, in certain circumstances, could be harmful. What will it take? We’ve talked a lot about how graphene could revolutionize the technological world, and note that not all promises are, as there are also commercial products that use it. However, the same properties that make miraculous (lightness, hardness) also become somewhat risky for people in some cases. At least they are studies of several U.S. universities.

Do you remember that graphene is extremely hard no? In fact it is one of the hardest existing materials. The problem is that, if inhaled (which may be involuntary) graphene oxide with jagged edges could pierce human cells alter their function. Anyway, the real risk is not that high because this only happens if the graphene is in irregular shapes and unlikely event that it wishes (something that could happen as things to be made).


Another topic that have deepened is the ease with which the graphene oxide to travel by surface water such as rivers where currents displace the material. And then of course graphene could come to living beings (humans, fish, all can be).

Despite these problems we must not lose faith in graphene: while improving their manufacturing processes and all necessary precautions should be taken under control. Will there come a day when we see those super battery life and flexible screens this item? For now we must wait.