Once upon a time having Angry Birds accessible on your portable stage was a major ordeal. Nowadays the establishment is no place as well known as it once might have been, however it appears that Rovio is proceeding to push it. The organization, together with Resolution Games, has propelled another Angry Birds title as Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs.

For the individuals who have been following Angry Birds related news, this title may sound commonplace. It is on the grounds that the organization had recently propelled a diversion with a similar name aside from in computer generated reality, however at this point it would appear that they’ll be attempting their karma with increased reality. This amusement is by all accounts select to Apple’s iOS gadgets and will chip away at the iPhone 6 or later, or the new iPad Pro models, or the fifth gen iPads or later.

This is on the grounds that the amusement will use iOS’s ARKit SDK where gamers will most likely play Angry Birds, “all things considered”. Generally the idea of the amusement is like a normal Angry Birds diversion where you endeavor to cut down structures, however the fundamental distinction here is that you can put these dimensions anyplace, in actuality, on the off chance that you need to shake things up a bit.

It sounds like a fascinating idea and seems to be an entirely decent utilization of AR, yet whether gamers will run to it stays to be seen. The amusement does not have a discharge date yet but rather it is accessible for pre-buy.


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