Technology in the service of the household reaches a new stage with new launches on Samsung Smart kitchens. The future of smart refrigerators homes is already arriving, and the Korean company Samsung is at the forefront in regards to appliances offering different proposals that improve the quality of life and comfort in domestic life.

To improve our kitchen we can purchase any of the new models of smart refrigerators Samsung . These devices have a screen 8-inch LCD and WiFi, as well as specific applications designed to ensure better management of the available products in the fridge.


The Grocery Manager application warns us about the expiration dates of the products we have stored, after entering the data, and can set alerts so you do not spoil or consume them before it’s too late. Among the applications of smart fridge Samsung find applications like Google Calendar, and Pandora to add more features to our fridge to become a partner in domestic life.

The models available are the Samsung French Door Four Door (RF4289) and Side by Side (RSG309), prices are not yet available in Spain but in international appliance stores are achieved from the $ 1700 (1300 euros) .

To further improve our kitchen Samsung also offers a smart microwave oven, model SMH2117S is environmentally friendly and reduces electricity consumption. In the upper inner area has a LED light that illuminates the oven while minimizing power consumption.

The inner enamel coating allows for the best cooking in less time and it is easy to clean. The microwave oven also won the Innovation Award in Eco-Design CES 2012 . The kitchen of the future is coming and Samsung is at the forefront of devices that will make our meals a mixture of taste, comfort and technology.