The battery is not exactly the strong point of the Galaxy S5, so we give you these tips to improve your life and do not stop halfway. No matter how technology is your new smartphone, if you use long end of the day is always a struggle. The batteries unfortunately not advance in the same way as processors or screens, so that each time are shorter. This is especially noticeable in the S5, whose 2800 mAh can fall faster than it looks. Luckily there are some ways to improve your life :

1 – Special power-saving modes

From the settings menu you can access a special section called “Energy Saving”, which shows you two modes: “Power Saving” mode and the “Ultra Power Save” mode.

The “Power Save” mode shows classic options to limit the data that applications use, decrease the maximum processor power, lower the screen brightness or descriptive GPS. All these functions can help you to make the battery last a good amount of hours. We agree, but have it on using the GPS does not have much reason, and unless you’re in sunlight need not stop shining.


If we go to the extreme, is the new “Ultrahigh power” mode. This mode turns the screen gray scale and limited applications that can use. Have the classic functions such as telephone or SMS and can active some others like whatsapp. The savings here is much talk that the battery can last you long days using this mode, but you sacrifice too much phone functions.

2 – Use Wi-Fi rather than GPS

You can have similar functionality to anoint GPS using only Wi-Fi networks, and spending less battery. must go to the settings menu, and then network settings, location and mode select the option of saving energy.

3 – Control the screen brightness

In the settings screen you can specify its luster. Ideally no excess (slightly less than half would be nice) but a good idea is to leave the auto brightness that regual according to the brightness of where you are, so do not be spending more.

4 – Beware network connections

Believe it or not, one bad Wi-Fi (when you have low signal) to force more mobile and does spend more battery. Under these conditions it is preferable to use 3G mobile data.

5 – Battery Case

If saving not get the expected results. it increases your battery! Hya special housings incorporating extra batteries in the back, and while slightly increasing the size of the mobile is much more facilities allows easy to carry external batteries. An example is the UNU Unity, a cover that adds a 2800 mAh battery for the Galaxy S5.