Although innovation in the field of telephony is constant, there is still a point where there is much room for improvement: the battery life. The main brands fight for market share scratched with increasingly powerful smartphones, with many services and functionalists unthinkable a few years ago. But the weak point of these mobile phones is the battery life despite the efforts of manufacturers very often have to charge mobile not once, but in some cases twice during the day to make normal use not particularly intense.

battery life

How to extend the battery life of mobile phones and smartphones? Then we provide you proven tips, recommended by some of the major manufacturers (Apple, Samsung, HTC …)

1. Disables the Internet if you do not use the phone . And if you use it and you have wifi, connect to wifi, not only to save your data connection, but because in general, 3G or 4G connection consume more battery than wifi.

2. Adjust the screen brightness . The screens of the higher-end devices have resolution equal or close to HD, superior to many laptops. That, of course, consume battery. In some settings smartphones you will found in a ‘power saving mode “activate it. If not, adjust the illumination and shortens the time to turn off the screen when the phone is idle.

3. Disable services and push notifications . It is very comfortable to receive notifications of new emails, but this feature makes the mobile is periodically checking for new messages, and that consumes the battery.

4. Disables the geolocation . Yes, the phone has less grace if we can not use the “directions” on maps, check the weather in our area, how many kilometers have been, or how many steps you have walked … But all these functions based on the GPS consume battery, so the savings to disable it is significant.

5. Disable Bluetooth (Airdrop on iPhone) . This technology to pass information from one device to another reduces the run time of the batteries considerably.

6. Close the applications that are in the background. In the background consume little battery, but if you have many open influences.

7. Lower the ringer volume, disable the beeper, eliminates vibration if you have the ringer on … The run time winning the battery with small adjustments like these is little, but it all adds …

You can always have on hand a charger or pull external battery, but at least with these tips, you can apply permanently or only in case you need especially that lasts longer your battery, you ensure more usage time between charges . It may also be advisable to install one of the many applications that allows better control the use of the battery. One of them, called Battery HD, and available for iOS and Android , informs you of the time you have left to talk on the phone, play music or video or surfing the Internet.

Hopefully in a few years these tricks no longer necessary: ​​A research conducted three years ago by researchers at Northwestern University (Chicago) managed to create an electrode for lithium ion batteries (such as those using mobile) with 10 times higher load capacity and 10 times faster. Can you imagine charging mobile phones in 15 minutes you battery lasts more than a week? The engineers who conducted this research in 2011 estimated at between 3 and 5 years for these batteries hit the market, so maybe in a couple of years we have batteries for mobile as well.