We had speculated that the video in which a course (very similar to what was shown in the film “Back to the Future 2”) flying skate world was a ‘fake’ is presented. And indeed, they have confirmed all suspicions, if that still had any doubt. In fact, they have been some of the protagonists of the clip who have apologized for having created such a stir with a completely fictitious viral phenomenon.

The first apology was Tony Hawk himself, who noted that participated in this joke because he thought it would be fun and because it was a chance to meet the actor Christopher Lloyd (‘Doc’ in the film) and his fantastic DeLorean DMC -12. Also, the best skater in the world added that, like many of us, also craves that someday may come to market as spectacular as appeared to be the flying of HUVR skate product.


On the other hand, the very ‘Doc’ Brown issued his apology with another video including somewhat overreacted in which he says that he and the rest of the world has been ‘cheated’. Anyway, just his story announcing that at least some of us will be happy, as signed by all components of the campaign that has generated so much hype and at the same time, does not seem to have a clear purpose raffle table.

So after many illusions generated once again give us sulking on the floor. The flying skate “Back to the Future ‘we must look precisely there, in a future that seems far away. Anyway, at least we can say that this has inspired someone to create a fake version of this product, although it is a step that perhaps in a few decades, we can get to use something similar. Who knows?

05/03/2014: A flying skate like Back to the Future … True?

A few days ago we told you about the possible arrival of Nike MAGs, these self-adjusting shoes that Marty McFly wore in one of the films of the legendary movie trilogy “Back to the Future (or ‘Back to the Future’). However, recent rumors suggest that one of the greatest inventions of this saga could be released soon.