Get on the era of mobile payments and turn your cell phone or tablet into a selling point. We have seven options in Mexico. If you accept card payments become captive customers when a small business or a sole practitioner, you can increase your sales by 20 to 30%, experts say. This is the lowest cost of equipment and billing system ($ 15,000 per month on average) to its implementation as a barrier to the claim, age (POS) to cover the costs generated by the instruction, Banamex’s services director Leon Vega retrieval, acknowledged.


This agency Jalisco, like most of the six companies, entrepreneurs and businesses in the last year, a card reader that connects to a smartphone or tablet will be able to accept payments through a solution is introduced. In addition, fees (acquirer + VAT depending on the 3.75% and 4.7% in) per transaction. It is for the use of non-minimum billing, monthly rent or fee is the best. In addition, most of them free for users to keep track of sales and inventory management system offers.

Another advantage mPOS always the controls, one for each member of the appropriate charge account, the entire sales force of an organization can be used and who performed the operation. If the data is stored on the device, because the most important is, the user, do not be afraid to opt for this type of solution. Mexican authorities, and this kind of system, which has a presence in nine countries iZettle, as some cases are backed by international organizations. Here we detail each of the options available in the Mexican market.

Accept Visa and MasterCard chip cards. Compatible with IOS mobile devices. Automatically sends an email to the sales receipts. The report is especially created to facilitate the management of your income. Interest payments of support. Cost: $ 500 for the device. Term contracts or monthly fees, no long. Transaction Fee: 2 + VAT from 2.8%.