You are about to leave work and think it would be great to turn the air conditioner remote to not be hot when you get home, and incidentally, put the washer. Good news: these and more are now possible. In recent years, technological advances have entered deeply into our home to create “smart houses “that facilitate us life and more efficient energy level. Let’s talk about science fiction.

Thanks to the so-called “Internet of things”, household appliances and electronics in our homes can now run remotely via mobile phone or smart watches with free wifi. Not only that, incorporating new features to simplify our daily lives. These are just a few examples:

science fiction

1.Vacuum Robots most advanced with embedded to avoid crashing into furniture and walls and not go back to the same place cameras.

2. Lighting control systems for lighting, dimming or turning off lights in rooms throughout the home or remotely or by a motion sensor. Not only contributes to the environment, is also a significant energy savings.

3. Air conditioning systems with wireless remote control, which can also be programmed according to our environmental tastes, the weather forecast or off as leave home.

4. TVs flexible displays that can be curved to flat according to our tastes, needs and light, and can recommend content according to the preferences of each user.

5. Stuffed animals that warn us if our child is awake, has turned on the light and even if connected to the computer to look at pictures.

6. Washing machines, ovens, pans and food processors that run through wifi or voice recognition and that can be programmed remotely and be notified when we have finished.

7. Refrigerators that warn us of the products that are expiring or what you need to buy, and to allow online purchase from the same screen.

8. Connected to your smartphone locks that open only to detect the proximity of the authorized phone and allow access codes to family, friends and neighbors as we need.

The challenge, however, remain the prices and full support of all systems and devices are brand they are. Still, it pays to start thinking about it. And yes, how clever is your home, do not forget to have it safe with good insurance to cover any potential impact and as home insurance RACC , we offer additional advantages, such as the annual review of heating installations.