Customizable screens, laser lights new generation and almost autonomous driving are just some of the technologies discussed in the next Audi A6. The technological boom has long since permeated cars, and traditional or behavior or power have begun to be secondary. And now, increasingly important terms like infotainment, connectivity and support systems … And, as a top priority, charge efficiency.

audi a6

Focusing now on the technologies that will equip the next Audi A6 , the sedan will get a whole new driving position with an adjustable touch monitor depth and inclination. The new screen and adjust the area achieved vision and virtually eliminate reflections grace to approach sensors.

It will also be totally new the next evolution of the lights Matrix , which must be adapted to drive mode: the spectrum of light will vary depending on the dynamic we are at the wheel.

In the first phase, the autonomous assistant jams will take over up to 60 km / h; in a subsequent phase, the assistant highway will reach 120 km / h. The next A6 will be smart enough to react to unforeseen situations. The different experiences will be recorded in the cloud , and enrich the memory drive for future situations.

With the help of an ambitious development of manufacturing, Audi expects to save more than 100 kilos. The reduction will reduce consumption, supported by other techniques fancy stuff like an electronically operated compressor and new engines and four-liter V8 TDI of more than 400 hp in the top version. In the Basic Zone, the A6 will feature a two-liter four-cylinder (TDI / TFSI). The new air suspension system may be combined with Magic Ride , which detects road conditions through a powerful camera.

Regarding the environment, Audi will enhance its plug-in hybrid models in its next A6 combine two liters of petrol with 90 kW electric motors. The A6 sedan will be sold in July 2017; the new Allroad Avant and, nine months later.