As we noticed at the beginning of today, your days with Google’s Inbox are numbered, abandoning you with an email choice to make very soon. Since this is such a vital one, you are likely still on the chase for the best option to Inbox, expecting you haven’t chose to give in and change back to Gmail. One new option is booked to touch base around the time Inbox is let go – Spark Mail.

Flash Mail has been on iOS and macOS for quite a while as an incredible, yet helpful mail choice with highlights like resting, updates (and subsequent meet-ups), more intelligent notices, planned sends, combinations with administrations, and cluster erasing/documenting. However, as most Apple-accommodating applications, there has never been a Spark Mail for Android. That should change soon.

With Inbox passing news commanding the previous 24 hours, Spark has utilized the chance to spread word about its Android plans. They aren’t being ultra-explicit, however have answered to clients on Twitter to recommend that their Android form will dispatch “around the date of the Inbox shutdown.” I’d love for them to allow us daily, since I don’t need it to be after Inbox is gone.

(source: droid-life.)


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