Spotify just truly gives two membership intends to individuals willing to pay for its Premium administration. There’s the single membership for one individual and the family plan for different and them two are charged month to month. The organization included increasingly granular plans when it propelled the administration in India as of late and is presently offering another membership plan in select markets. The Spotify Duo plan is more qualified to couples who might both like access to the Premium administration.

Spotify Duo is custom fitted for two clients and is estimated at the midpoint between the single and the family levels. It’s clearly less expensive if the two individuals buy in to Spotify separately. It additionally offers investment funds for the individuals who are paying for a family account despite the fact that there are just two individuals utilizing it.

Spotify is right now offering the Duo plan in Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland. Costs in every nation fluctuate however they’re in the scope of €12 in the EU markets. The organization hasn’t said when this new level will be offered in extra markets, especially showcases like the United States.

The individuals who buy in to the levels will likewise get another element called Duo Mix. It’s a playlist that is populated dependent on the listening propensities for the two clients.

(source: ubergizmo)


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