Update To Android Mobiles
Update To Android Mobiles

Since the development of Android 7 Nougat in the Google Pixel, we have perceived how the working framework gradually opened to different brands and models. Be that as it may, how would you know precisely which ones and since when?

It is hard to monitor all, be that as it may, we have chosen to make a broad and complete rundown with the terminals have officially gotten or are intending to get Android 7 soon, and when conceivable, incorporate a date. We have concentrated on three of the most devoured brands in the mid and high range: Samsung, Huawei and Motorola.

Android mobiles


The Korean brand has been occupied since late 2016 offering Android 7 Nougat to their gadgets. How about we take a gander at the status of this update for the majority of its handsets propelled since the finish of 2015. Remember that a significant number of the dates we offer here have been given by Samsung’s inner sources, yet not every one of them are 100% affirmed.

Universe A3 (2016): since last June 12 clients of this midrange can update the working framework to Android 7 Nougat.

World A5 (2016): Android 7 Nougat landed at the A5 a day ago May 3.

World A7 (2016): The biggest of the first Galaxy A does not yet have Android 7, yet is relied upon to get an update from July 31.

Strangely, the Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 of 2017 did not go on special with Android 7 as a matter of course , yet Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Sadly, we have not figured out how to get a careful date for the update, in spite of the fact that it is relied upon to be up and coming. In a few libbers has been discussing the second 50% of 2017.

Cosmic system J5: Samsung’s best midrange is still with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, yet it is normal that on October 1 will achieve its update to Android 7 Nougat. Cosmic system J5 (2016): For its discharge, the 2016 rendition, its update is normal for somewhat prior, on September 18. Cosmic system J7: On August 18 will as far as anyone knows arrive Android 7 Nougat to the biggest of the first Galaxy J.

The new age of Galaxy J, Galaxy J3, J5 and J7 of 2017, touch base with Android 7 Nougat introduced of course so we do exclude them in the rundown. We presently come to Huawei. The Chinese brand does not have the same number of models as Samsung, so its rundown is more succinct. Moreover, all have as of now Android 7 and EMUI 5 accessible so the date-book would as of now be shut.

So you know whether you have Huawei or Motorola telephones from late 2015 onwards you will have secure access to Android 7. In the event that you have Samsung telephones, sometimes, it will take you a couple of months to pause, however in numerous different models, you as of now have it accessible.


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