Christmas apps is here. It shows in the cold, the Christmas lights in the streets, the proximity of the school holidays … and mobile apps that also celebrate these dates. Tired and play the same games, always consult the same apps on your mobile? We show the strangest Christmas apps, iOS and Android:

1 Secret Santa : very helpful at this time, whether you participate in the company or at home.

iOS: Invisible Friend ~ iFriend . Create invisible friends from your iPhone and lot gift-giving so that the essential rule is met: participants only know whom to deliver your gift.
Android: Invisible Friend . Just be added friends who will participate and you can configure rules stating who can not give away who through an exclusion list.

christmas apps

2. The Christmas Draw . Another year without you touch the jackpot, and this time will be good? Receive notification on your phone with these apps lottery.

iOS: milometers . Official application of State Lotteries, with all the information on the draw to be held on December 22. Did you touch this time?

Android: Lotteries . With this application you can check results of State Lotteries, ONCE.

3. Family Meals . There are many recipe apps, but not so much to find how to cook the most traditional Christmas dishes. With this app you will find the recipe you are looking for insurance.

My Christmas recipes for iOS and Android . More than 2,500 Christmas recipes, said soon: turkey, bream, shrimp, prawns …
The can check by type of dish (appetizers, first, second, desserts …) ingredient and also use the search engine.
You can save the ones you like in the mobile and share via Facebook or Twitter. Oh, and also incorporate the ingredients you missing a shopping list!

4 Christmas tree . How could we pass up this tradition of many years? If on the streets of our cities can admire so enlightened with Christmas trees, also on mobile we can have our own tree, and customize it to taste.

iOS: Christmas tree . 4 styles tree and over 200 ornaments to decorate it. Animated snow, lights and funny sound effects. You can move the tree and resize until it perfect.
Android: Kids Christmas Tree . Choose the most beautiful objects to decorate your Christmas tree, at the end you will see an animation of your tree and you can save a photo, share it or even use it as greeting card.