Finding a steady stream of qualified online leads is an essential part of your business as a car dealer, but buying them from a third party can be both expensive and unreliable. Almost every dealership today has a website, but a website alone is no longer enough to persuade people to give you their contact information. You have to offer them something in exchange, you have to go out and find your potential customers online, and you have to be able to engage with them in real time on your website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

#1 Offer Real Value

People are more reluctant than ever to give out their personal contact information because they already receive so many emails, text messages, and phone calls from businesses offering them things they don’t want. You can overcome this reluctance by offering them real value in exchange for their contact information, either by offering informative car buying tips in your newsletter or providing something of cash value, such as a discount on services. Dealer parts and services are a great place to focus because they’re targeted toward building a relationship with an existing customer who will be more likely to buy from you again. Leads aren’t about having a long list of contacts, they’re about targeting people who are going to become buyers.

#2 Car Dealer Chat Room

If you haven’t already invested in a car dealer chat room for your website, the technology available with them today means that now is the time to invest, if not upgrade. Discount options provide you with just a simple window in the corner of your website where customers can directly type questions and seek help, but your sales team should be busy closing deals and following up on leads, not trying to generate them. A 24/7 managed chat room, operated from a call center that uses dynamic scripts and dealer inventory integration means that there is always someone available to answer your customers’ questions, whether it’s after midnight or when you’re overloaded with requests at 3 p.m.

#3 Get on Social Media

You can no longer wait for potential customers to come to you, you have to go out and find them yourself and more often than not that means reaching out through social media to interact with them. You can easily find out whose talking about your brand by searching for keywords and hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and directly engage with customers over these platforms. Webchat service integrated with Facebook Messenger is also now available from Gubagoo, meaning the same online consultants who operate your car dealer chat room can speak with customers over their favourite social media platform.

Your website is the flagship of your online presence and a live chat room not only performs better at funnelling lead information into your hands, it can also become a direct pipeline for buyers. One of the features that distinguishes Gubagoo’s live chat service is their RESQ app, which your dealership’s sales team downloads to their phones so that they receive real-time notifications of live conversations. From there, they can monitor conversations, communicate to the consultant, or delve deeper into the purchase process by sending incentives, credit applications, and even trade-in appraisals. Better dealer chat services allow your sales team to get involved and get closer to the sale by providing information and resources that consultants can’t. Make sure your sales team is involved in your online lead generating campaign and start reaping the benefits of better leads today.