Since years, technology has been serving as the backbone of home building. Our relationship with technology is not at fragile even when it comes to build houses. Today’s globalized world is fully dependent on the innovations of technologies. People would have to agree that they are in a better comfortable society just because of the technological productions and innovations.  If you want a flat in the Mumbai extension with all the convenient and technological facilities, the Green Earth Umroli and the Balaji Symphony can be your perfect choice.


How we depend on technology for home making?

We have immersed ourselves in a culture where we are almost technology dependent. The technological existence has become a vital element of our daily life. The more challenges we face, the more we rethink and invest in to use the skills of technology in the society. In building of a luxurious and cozy house the role of a house cannot be denied. The latest technological goods equipped in the house are nothing but a boon of the technology. Top feel the sky below the feet, the Green Earth Umroli and the Balaji Symphony are constructed with all the technological comforts that you dream to have for enjoying a luxurious and peaceful living.

The innovations

The technology is in full mode to convert the world into paradise. Its latest home building innovation is the zero- energy building also known as the zero net energy building which is a building with zero net energy consumption. It is an autarkical building in which the annual net energy consumed can be renewed. The construction of such projects has already started in Japan, Canada, Belgium, China, Denmark, Germany and other developed and developing states. In India, the first zero net building is located in New Delhi.

The modern technologies make passive solar building design in which in which the doors, walls and floors are such made to collect and store the solar energy and use it whenever required in any energy form. The passive solar design techniques are easily applied on the newly constructed building or can be retrofitted or adapted in the old ones. The power cost of a house can be reduced by using the passive solar technologies which capture the sunlight and transform it into power with many utilities. Passive cooling technology has the same design.

The Activists and engineers used conventional technological skills and construction techniques to build an autonomous building which will reduce the environmental impacts and lower the cost of ownership and will be operated independently from infrastructural services such as the municipal water systems, the power grid or the sewage treatment systems. The reduce costing by using the on – site resources


We have been mingled into a mixture of human and the technology. Though is misused can be a messy process, but technological innovations at right place at the right time can come to you like winning of a jackpot in a lottery. The results of the efforts of the technology dependent builders are the Green Earth Umroli and the Balaji Symphony that is ready to serve you with a luxurious living