The Saygus V Squared has a highly-engineered screen with the latest features available in technology today. The system will automatically adjust depending on the light, and you can even view it in direct sunlight. In addition, the phone is manufactured with a Gorilla Glass protected screen to prevent scratching and minimize damage from drops. It has Kevlar edge protection as well to absorb the impact from drops, even without a case.

Plus, if you are looking for a phone with the most cutting-edge features available today, that is exactly Saygus’ mission.  Take a look at what the company founder says on their official blog: V Squared Info

Not only a goal, a mission to bring a consortium of the latest technologies together in one device.  Features like lag-less Wireless HD video, the most available memory of any smartphone on the market, dual SIM cards for 2 lines..and the list goes on and on.

Gizmag called it a “Beast of a Smartphone”.  Mobile Wired Congress called it one of the “coolest gadgets”.  The phone has received praise and multiple awards for the innovation and features, as well as Saygus’ no-compromise mission.

In addition, they are only 1 of 3 American-based smartphone manufacturers, the other two being Apple and Google.  If you are OK with your money going overseas and not providing jobs for hard-working American’s the go with a company like Samsung.  But, I prefer to know my purchases are creating jobs for people right here in the USA.

In summary, the phone is amazing, the company reminds me of the original Silicon Valley entrepreneurs starting out in the 80s with a spirit and conviction behind creating the best product, not just sales.  This will be a huge disruptor in 2019 when these phones become available.

We will keep you informed as we have more details on the V Squared phone, and it’s release date.