Telematic services company Octo Telematics Octo just introduced U, an app that promises to “improve road behavior of drivers and get lower insurance premiums.” The application is now available for iPhone and Android. According to its creator, Octo U “gives drivers the ability to track, record and improve your driving and driving behavior, while providing insurance to the profiles associated with qualified drivers risk.” Lets talk about insurance discounts.

The telematic application collects and stores data on driving behavior of drivers without installing a device in the car, which allows for risk profiles to calculate insurance premiums. The app provides a fair and consistent scoring of driving the vehicle user, specific to your driving environment.

insurance discounts

U Octo operation is as follows: the application detects, analyzes and reconstructs the events during the trip, such as sudden braking, rapid acceleration, speeding or how to take the corners. Using an algorithm-GPS itself, Octo is able to calculate the G force generated during driving events without the inherent non-regular accelerator data corruption. Octo U then assigns a score to the trip.

The calculation algorithm is also able to detect if a trip is valid or not, and reject it if the user is traveling on a train or a bus and not in your own car. Users can make trips where passengers have been or have used public transport.

The application is also fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus so drivers can add friends to their activities, decide who to follow and what to share, and thus establish their privacy settings. Also it includes maps and weather Here, in order to provide the most complete scoring algorithm. In addition, the app collects data according to the specifications of each model and the frequency of data collection is configurable.

Octo U is now available for free download in Google Play, Apple Store and Amazon Kindle. In the future, Octo Telematics plans to add products and not insurance-based and focused on reducing the cost of driving, rewarding customers with specific incentives on the trips taken and promoting exchanges in social networks and continuous improvement of the services driving.