The German manufacturer has just installed a robot at its plant in Longstanding working closely with its employees. The Audi robot has a camera and a suction cup that allow you to extract the various components of the boxes and pass them to the workers of the chain, which prevents employees travel long distances or bending repeatedly.

The robot Audi aims primarily to achieve direct cooperation between man and machine. Thus, for the first time, the brand has launched the final assembly of its main plant in Longstanding a protocol in which machine and humans work together , no safety barriers of any kind and adapted to the cycles of employees.


It has an integrated camera and a suction cup that allow you to extract the various components of the boxes and pass them to the line workers, timely and optimal ergonomic positioning (select the correct component and delivers it as fast as necessary) . This means that workers no longer have to travel long distances or bending repeatedly. “The robot will become an assistant of the assembly that will run at the same speed as the line worker, and not vice versa, “says Johann Hegel, head assembly technology development .

New apps

Audi is planning cooperation successive applications of man-machine also in the rest of its international production sites.In this regard, Peter Mosch, chairman of the company AUDI AG , commented, “We are seeing the opportunities presented by advances in the interaction between man and machine. For us, the decisive factor is how this development is directed . For our part will always be welcome not endanger jobs, or cause people to lose their independence from the machines. ”

To Hubert Waltl, Head of Production at AUDI AG , “the human-robot cooperation opens up completely new possibilities. The factory of the future will generate a growing interaction between man and machine. This will allow us to automate routine operations and ergonomically optimized jobs now they are not. ” But in the future, no factories without people. People continue to take decisions on production processes, and our employees will remain essential in the future direction of a production system success. ”

Are the first robots like this?

Yes. Since 2013, Audi employees in the factory mounting of the body of the Audi A4 in Longstanding, working with the same type of robot, equipped with an adhesive nozzle instead of suction. What makes the difference is that they have fixed times and can not transfer components, do make something new. Similarly, in the body shop, robots support the work of employees applying adhesive on flat seams.