Large portable, more than 15 inches , are not in their best moment of popularity. And every time we see more options 13 inches down, convertibles, which captured the attention for its lightness. However, there is a reality: if you want a laptop to replace your desktop PC, which is comfortable for a session of several hours of work or play, you should look for the 15 inches. Lets talk about best laptop.

Luckily there are very good models , with different budgets ranging from the most premium as the Macbook Pro even some with a value enviable as Acer this list. While there are some gamer models, or characterized by their lightness. There are plenty to choose from, so we made ​​this TOP 5 with which we seem the most prominent.

Remember that to make a good buy, we have some very good advice and recommendations to buy laptops . Also, if you want a more extensive selection, with small and convertible models, do not forget to see our note of the best 2015 laptops .’s start with models!

best laptop

5- Asus N551JK

A very good cheaper alternative to the Macbook Pro, being a premium portable aluminum Full HD screen, thanks to fast SSD and Core I7 incorporating. Stand much your keyboard, one of the most comfortable portable, strong speakers, the mate (yes!) Screen and the fact that GTX 850M graphics with up to scratch games. Generally a team that can easily replace any desktop.

To find fault … well, your battery does not give much more than 4 hours and is generally an average team big and heavy, but if you’ll use it mostly at home (for what is raised) this is not problem. A, here speaks of his best configuration, but remember that there are cheaper options as well.

4- Acer Aspire V3 572G

If you want something powerful and cheap , this is probably the best option. It is a good step forward regarding cheap laptops classic, especially since the GeForce GT 840M will let it run a few current games without spending a bundle. Talk about League of Legends, FIFA, DOTA 2 or more applicants Skyrim and Battlefield 4 ( that say ), obvious that in mid / low details. Another plus is that aluminum, which is more expensive laptops.

Other strong point is how much the battery lasts at least 7 hours enduring insurance. Moreover, it is interesting to highlight, little heated. Just do not have your CD / DVD, which is not that it is not much use today if you have a good USB stick.

3- Lenovo Y50-70

We started with portable gamer. The Lenovo Y50-70 is powerful and good graphics (GTX 860m) for its price. I put it over other alternatives such as MSI GE60-2PE because Lenovo is heated less, and has a more sober aesthetics, at least in my design I like very much . This machine can handle all the games, and comes to show similar performance (it depends how you play of course) to a PS4.

The screen is matte (though not particularly brilliant) and the battery lasts around 5 hours, which rounds a good team. Too bad it’s not a little thinner, but hey, it is reserved for the more expensive models.

Asus Zenbook UX501 Pro 2

A laptop can be considered light for the sector, rather thin with a thickness of 2.1 cm, metal and aesthetics with a well achieved. If … aims to unseat the Macbook Pro of similar size. In fact closely it resembles the N551JK I mentioned at the beginning, although lighter, without reading and with a slightly smaller SSD. It ends up being a matter of taste, but I’ll take this for their portability. In addition, the GTX 960M graphic is very powerful.

I put it over the Dell XPS 15 because the latter is particularly difficult to achieve in Spain, but is another good alternative if you find, being even lighter. So you know, if you want something powerful but not so heavy and compact, Asus Zenbook Pro.

1- Retina Macbook Pro 15

Yes, the quintessential premium laptop . Thin, light, metal, with a display not only high resolution but with good brightness and colors. A new feature is the touchpad “Force Touch” that can detect the pressure that you do with your finger, for example to allow faster progress in a movie if you press hard among others. Then there is a fast notebook with 9 hours battery, which heats little and I must say, very durable .

A pity that its basic version does not have a powerful dedicated graphics, being that comes with the Intel Pro Iris not enough for demanding games. For € 2799 is a model with a Radeon R9 M370X and more attractive SSD 512 GB, but that price is not for everyone. Anyway, in all its versions, the Macbook Pro Retina is excellent.