Create a “smart car completely prepared to prevent accidents in the future.” This is the goal that engineers Seat Technical Centre, where numerous tests to increase the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians are done working. The Seat Technical Centre works daily with a very clear goal on the horizon, designing a car “able to completely avoid accidents” , says Henrico Puttenstein , one of the engineers of the Department of Passive Safety. To do this, the team’s Technical Center conducts numerous tests daily in each of the models of the brand with the aim of reducing the serious damage drivers, passengers and pedestrians in case of accident. Lets talk about the car of the future.

the car of the future

Collisions at low and high speed, start of belts, Sinking ceiling and doors … A number of trials are analyzed millimeter through precise engineering calculations. “We launched various elements of strong impact against the car pretending to be a part of the human body, such as the leg, hip and head,” explains Henrico. With our tests reduce by 20% the likelihood of harm a serious accident, “he says.

The work of this young engineer and his team starts in the initial phase of a car with the first sketches, which is “when the volume of the vehicle is defined and where we need to reserve space to meet security requirements,” he explains. For Henrico, a vehicle “is a great compromise between fun and safety.”

Besides belts and airbags are many other safety features in a car. “Maybe people do not know it, but behind a bumper and the hood is a reserved to absorb the impact energy space and foams of different densities to help reduce the blow.” According to Henrico, safety in cars, since in the 70s began to enter the belts, “has evolved brutal. Whenever new materials that allow us to further strengthen the body appear, giving rise to restraint systems that operate in an increasingly effective way, “he adds.

Henrico’s goal is to design a vehicle equipped with detection systems and other accidents dispositions that “may change the speed and trajectory of the car independently” without driver intervention. “It will be a smart car completely prepared to prevent accidents in the future,” a future that expects Henrico not far away.