The Global Sports Innovation Center (GSIC) of Microsoft has just been inaugurated in the Barclaycard Center of Madrid. It is an unprecedented collaborative project between the private and academic sectors, public to promote innovation in the sports industry worldwide as a key factor for creating jobs and growth. His public area allows visitors to interact virtually in various sports disciplines (hitting a ball in a stadium, practice fitness with Microsoft Band) and enjoy various sports exhibitions. Lets talk about The Center for Innovation in Sport arrives in Madrid.

the center

The Global Sports Innovation Center powered by Microsoft and equipped with technology LG has opened its doors yesterday, welcoming entrepreneurs, start-ups, universities, institutions around the world and, of course, the general public sports fan . Located in the Barclaycard Center (former Sports Palace) in the center of Madrid, the World Center for Innovation in Sport Microsoft comes as a pioneer in Europe. With character and global reach, this hub aims to become the strategic benchmark to meet the challenges of the sports industry, generate knowledge and add value to the sector.

General public face, its most prominent feature is the open area . There, visitors can interact in the fitness area with the latest wearable technology such as the Microsoft Band – feel the experience of hitting a ball in a stadium as a professional footballer and enjoy exhibitions football, F1 and NFL. They can also be tested with the experiences of health, sport and technology Cigna.

Global Sports Innovation Center: new opportunities and challenges

Partners from private companies, universities and public institutions will join forces to solve challenges and propel new business opportunities, developing and promoting collaborative technology solutions for the industries of sports, health, fitness and sporting events.

The center has an initial investment of 17 million euros of private capital and aims to promote the recruitment of national and international grants by more than 4 million in its first five years of activity value. Forecasts center in the field of entrepreneurship put at 50 the start-ups that are created in this period, in addition to supporting more than 200 others.

How it will work

The operation of the Global Sports Innovation Center will focus on four areas of activity:

• To promote technological innovation among companies. The center will provide technical advice and training to companies and institutions through its partners, and will also promote cooperation in any business activity related to sport. Especially relevant is the Help section to search for funding for the establishment of new businesses or the development of R + D + i in the sport.

• Encourage the development and creation of start-ups. SMEs and entrepreneurs in sporting projects will have programs mentoring , technical advice by experts and technology specialists, as well as access and contact with large companies and multinationals to develop their projects. These start-ups have access to technological tools during the early years at zero cost.

• Develop collaboration and contact between business and talent. The center will have environments and opportunities for collaboration to unite companies linked to the sport sector, technology companies, entrepreneurs and universities. The GSIC facilitate the participation of the administration in school initiatives, strengthening synergies with different actors in the sports industry.

• Exhibition of the latest devices and applications. The center will act as a showcase for the most innovative technological developments in the world of sport and provide companies a space to put in direct contact their audiences with the projects promoted by the GSIC.

GSIC headquarters is located in a new facility three plants located in the building of Barclaycard Center of Madrid, owned by the Community of Madrid, a multifunctional complex by passing a million and a half visitors a year. Two floors are reserved for the exclusive use of the partners, which will be held up to 100 conferences per year. This center is expected to receive 36,000 visitors a year.