As could already be seen in the video I showed you a few months ago, 3D printers are one of the most amazing and revolutionary inventions of the century, since it allows you to create whatever your mind can even imagine . Nevertheless, this can be a threat also, since there is no limit, only to check our imagination. And in that sense, it is important to stress that they have already started making the first 3D weapons.

Mathew, the first rifle

The last one has been a Canadian manufacturer of tools, who created the first 3D printed rifle. This rifle, which has been named Mathew (the name of the creator himself), is capable of firing up to 14 times without suffering any damage. In fact, the inventor of the rifle itself has published vars Youtube videos to show the process of making and using a shooting range.

The Liberator, the first gun

But the truth is that the aforesaid Mathew, from which the surname is not known, it has not been the first to bear a weapon 3D printed. And is that a young American college known as Coy Wilson built a few months ago and at home the first firearm with a 3D printer .

The gun, known as “The Liberator”, was capable of multiple shots with 80 caliber bullets. Such was his success and scored 100,000 cascades impact through Mega, but the fact is that the U.S. government was forced to intervene to remove the download files because of its more than obvious danger.

Assault rifle AR-15

But that’s not all, because in the last week has also made ​​a third gun in 3D. It is an assault rifle AR-15 and 22-gauge plastic that has been able to shoot 200 times in a row on a test. The creator, that the pseudonym have blue , has shared his creation in some Internet forums. Moreover, trying to sell the prototype network, but the forum where he promoted his gun blocked his requests for legal problems .

Thus, it seems clear that 3D printers are one of the most revolutionary and spectacular modern era inventions, but it is also true that you can become a double-edged sword (pun intended), since you can create everything we propose. What an amazing and tricky issue at a time, do not you think?